Torquing & Tensioning Solution Products

We supply bolting systems you can rely on. Since we offer the largest product range world-wide as well as the most extensive range of services, we will always find the solution that works best for your bolting application.

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Accurate bolt tightening for critical applications

Boltight’s bolt tensioning systems, pumps, hoses, fittings and accessories are exported all over the world for use in many different industries. Our standard tools are available for immediate delivery. We also offer a fast turnaround on the design and manufacture of special tools.

Hydraulic Tensioners

We are experts in the design and manufacture of hydraulic tensioners. All our designs are built to exacting safety standards.

Key features and benefits
• Strong and robust designs ensure durability and long operating life
• Lightweight designs ensure the tools are easy to work with
• Precise engineering offers smooth, trouble free operation
• Composite material seals for easy piston retraction
• Equipment working at pressures above 1000 bar is CE marked
• Compliance with the European Pressure Equipment Directive

Hydraulic bolt tensioners for every application
• Standard bolt tensioners
• Spring return bolt tensioners
• Xtra load bolt tensioners
• Subsea bolt tensioners
• Typhoon multi-stage bolt tensioners
• Foundation bolt tensioners
• MST flange tensioners
• Bolt tensioners for gas turbine rotors
• Bolt tensioners for gas turbine casings
• Hydraulic closure system for steam turbines

If an existing hydraulic tensioner cannot be modified to meet your specification, we can design and manufacture special tools. These can be supplied to fit any size of bolt and deliver any load requirement.