Bolting Solution Products-SUPERBOLT



An Old Problem:

Large diameter bolting presents several problems. The strength of a screw fastener increases with the square of its diameter, however, the torque required increases with the third power.

Because of this, bolts with a diameter greater than 1 inch cannot be effectively torqued to capacity with hand tools. Achieving proper preload levels

The Simple Solution:

Superbolt® Tensioners are designed as direct replacements for standard bolting. They can be threaded
onto a new or existing bolt, stud, threaded rod or shaft. With our products, bolting is fast, safe,

Safe To Use

Eliminate common injuries associated with other bolting methods. Our products can be used in awkward locations
such as overhead bolts, on top of large equipment, and also in hazardous environments such as nuclear power plants.

Our products provide precise tightening control, which is critical for sensitive applications such as gasketed anges. Consistent tension from stud to stud is achieved.

Most applications can utilize standard Superbolt® products. However, specials can be designed to t a wide variety of limited space applications.

Slugging wrenches and crane wrenches are dangerous and thermal tightening can be time consuming. Hydraulic wrenching can be expensive, time consuming, inaccurate and can lead to thread galling. Hydraulic tensioning also shares some of these problems and adds problems with field retrofit.